A qualified lemon law lawyer can often settle a lemon law claim without the need to file a lawsuit. What is often understood as “winning the case” by the consumer at this stage is more commonly known to the lawyer as “settlement” of the lemon law claim.

The need to escalate to filing a lawsuit can occur when the auto manufacturer refuses the lemon lawyer’s demand for restitution according to that state’s lemon law, and the consumer has already fulfilled any procedures required in their state prior to contacting the lemon law lawyer. Depending on the state’s lemon law and what state requirements the consumer has previously fulfilled, a lemon lawyer may be able to go directly to filing a lemon lawsuit, and skip the legal demand. “Winning the case”, as consumers often refer to in a lemon lawsuit, can be accomplished by the manufacturer agreeing with the consumer and consumers lawyer to a settlement of the case before trial, even during trial, or by or a favorable judgment to the consumer in court after trial by decision of a judge (bench trial) or jury.

A qualified lemon law lawyer in your state can explain this to you in greater detail. 



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