Any given lemon law case has attorneys fees and costs. What a case may cost you depends upon the attorney firm you choose, and what their policies are, or as are negotiated.

Some states lemon laws allow for the recovery of attorneys fees and/or costs.  Some states do not. 

There are numerous ways for lemon lawyers to charge for their services, too many in fact to list here. Some include “retainer fees” (money you give them in advance), or “billed fees” (pay from billing invoices) or other negotiated forms of payment.

Depending on which state you live in, and the lemon lawyer you choose, you may find the words “contingency fee” in their legal services agreement or advertising. A “contingency fee” case, in the broadest sense of the definition, is whereby the lemon lawyer “takes” or “accepts” the case, and his/her fees are contingent on a settlement, judgment or recovery in the vehicle owners favor. The lemon lawyer is taking the risk of advancing his/her billed time to pursue your lemon law case. Some lemon lawyers will also advance costs of suit. Some will not. Each state has it’s own provisions and rules for attorneys fees. 

An experienced lemon law lawyer in your state is best qualified to discuss the topic of attorneys fees, as well as your states rules and potential provisions for attorneys fees and such.



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