Each state has it’s own lemon law, and therefore it’s own requirements, restrictions, and obligations, so it can vary widely.

As a general overview, the consumer in a given lemon law claim is seeking monetary restitution in the form of a vehicle repurchase by the manufacturer, or in some cases, a vehicle replacement. A vehicle repurchase seeks, in the broadest sense, to have the down- payment, trade-in equity, monthly payments, loan/lease payoff (as individually applicable) and other “damages” as allowed by that states lemon law returned to the vehicle owner. The vehicle owner returns the vehicle to the manufacturer. A vehicle replacement seeks what it states, for the manufacturer to replace the present vehicle with a substantially similar model vehicle of the present model selling year. In some cases this may include the “new” or “next” model year. An example would be a 2002 model year vehicle being provided as a replacement in a case that settles during calendar year 2001.

In any given case there will be a “mileage offset” or “usage fee” which varies from state to state.

A qualified lemon law lawyer in your state is best equipped to provide you with specifics applicable to your states lemon law.



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